Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bunch of gamers 2: greedisgood9999999999

DISCLAIMER: No such MMORPG exists. Terms used in this post are purely metaphors. Sorry for the potential missunderstanding caused.

I've managed to level up a little since the last post. My current predicament seems worse than I had anticipated.

My decision to get into "human trafficking" wasn't such a good idea. In theory it should increase your cash on hand. But everything works exceptionally well in theory.

Consider it as a back door method of obtaining cash, and it's a rather unpopular move amongst those who know its existence. Some say it goes against the principles of the MMORPGs. But i assure you its legit. For now.

One major problem i failed to realise is that the currencies obtained through "trafficking" is far less... say... recognised. Now that simply translates to using my very limited cash and effort to obtain something that is unwanted by most fellow players.

So to increase the recognition of the currency a player has to increase the number of players involved in this field of "vice". But my recruitment drive turned out to be an investment with zero returns. And it seems to have produced a backlash. One that I refused to see coming. My cash pool has been reduced and it seems that I'm getting condemned to less-exp rich maps. Away from the confluence powerful pools where I should be seeking. Levelling up has become more tedious.

But I "human traffic" no more. I finally understood that it'll do me more harm than good. Way more harm. If I continued I would no doubt be flooded with the doubtful currency and I would have been taken further from my true supposingly harmless objectives.

Now more cash strapped than I ever had been in my 13 years of MMORPG-ing, I fight to retain my already unsecure membership of the "morphines". Throwing my last reserves out didn't seem to help. My resources thrown to the "khat" crew is too involved in the arms "smuggling" to offer help.

So to sum it all up, "human trafficking" sucks. And my remaining levels are gonna be harder to obtain. Way harder.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bunch of gamers #1: gaming isn't as easy as u tink!

Disclaimer: No such MMORPG exist. The content of this post is purely fictional and the references to illegal activities are metaphors, i apologise for any misunderstanding caused.

This MMORPG's tough. Way tougher than I thought. Especially this expansion.

Everyday, we fight hard to level up. Its boring. Its routine. But its necessary. We just want to hit the max level and move off to the next expansion. Last expansion was so much easier. I could do party quests with my old gaming comrades to help me level up better.

Leveling up sounds easy. But trust me it isn't. Here we role-play as drug dealers. Every time we complete an assignment we level up. Our assignment comes regularly and there's no way we can reject it. Sometimes we get a hard-earned assignment boost which we can use to complete an assignment or part of it. But sometimes we get caught by the cops and is sent to the other server to do corrective work order.

Cash is very important. Since levelling up is almost ensured, cash is THE FACTOR that differentiates you from that other dealer. Rich dealers are powerful. They have better, more abundant resources that make the assignment easier. A lot easier. They like to pool their resources and get even richer. Sometimes when they got caught they can bribe the cops so that they don't need to do CWO at another server. Poor smugglers are left to fend for themselves. They get left out of resource pooling, get pushed around by other richer dealers and sometimes forced to owe them favours. When something goes wrong poor dealers usually get blamed, even if its not their fault; and once in a while they get framed. I empathize with them, assuming I'm not treated like one by those richer than me.

Some rich dealers are nice. They try to bail the poor dealers out. But some poor dealers get into so often their respective guardian angels aren't simply there to protect them, or feel that the cash needed to do so is simply too much. Fortunately i seldom need to be bailed out, or I'll like to think of it that way. I'll try too help the some of poor dealers as much as possible, in hope of them helping me in times of need. But I'm not rich. I just have barely sufficient. Ever more so since I lost quite a bit of cash due to my injury and mess I made.

It's easier to level up if you can find the right "drug" to "deal". Party-goers love "ecstasy" and those who "deal" it are the richest. "Opium dealers" are rowdy and not as rich as they want to be, so they try to use their voices to trick others in think that they have more cash then they actually do. The "khat dealers" are so poor I actually think they needed charity. "Ice" gang's rich too. But they're real irritating. Especially to the "heroins" who are not that rich but loves to compete with each other for purity of drug. I once was with them but I'm trying out "morphine" now. I can't get my "heroin" "pure" enough to compete and my resources are too different to be pooled with them, since they're more interested in purity than earn cash. I think "morphine's" much easier to handle but I'm trying hard to pool the resources with them. But I fear I'm late since they're pool is rather established.

Fortunately I'm about 3/4 of my way to max level. Most of the cops are pretty used to the bribes and are organising less patrols. But there a huge patch coming soon and we are uncertain what is going to happen in the last quarter. We are expecting big changes in the assignments are given and the way we level.

There's rumours that the 2 servers will be increased to 4. Some of the players from my server 2 might be moved to the newer servers. I hope the "morphines" don't get spilt up. Its really sucks to half your potential pooling-mates to another server. I already lost a few good potential pooling-mates.

I hope the patch is for the better and allows for better pool. To max level. To the next expansion. To pooling.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Nope that's not what my name truly means; nope that's not a recognised nickname; and nope that's not what I've been up to in camp.

Unfortunately that's what almost everyone in camp thinks. Well if your camp mate has taken 47 days of excuse running, marching, jumping, in total, on and off since a month ago (inaddition 1 day mc and i was just given 30 this morning) you would. Now take my vocation into consideration. Here in FDS, more unfit men will mean the same amount duty more harshly spread over the remaining, already strained manpower. Then take the cause of all this is into account: my folly; a miscalculated jump over a drain when I didn't actually need to cross it. Brilliant.

Here's the truth: I can't run for long distances. At distances beyond say 500m my ankle starts working up. Anything above 2km requires a kick scooter. As much as I need the status to ensure a recovery, I want to be able to carry out normal duty. Not physically-slack-mentally-tiring hiding in cctv room duty. Especially when someone who draws pay (not allowance) decides to feel important and remind me to stare at the sacred screens, or watch someone who draws allowance (like me) play doctor and prescribe "remorse" to "speed up" my recovery. Not that my physically weak body doesn't produce any of its own.

What can i do anyway? The damage to the shift has been done. All I wanted was to be excused from physical training and a specialist referral to ensure I'll return to duty fitness asap. (referral wasn't given because MO say I was already recovering on my own) But when I returned I was declared useless because I can't give chase when needed. So we are 1 able bodied man down and 1 useless man up. And we have enough useless men already.

I'll like to think most people in camp see me as being reserved and responsible. Responsible is definitely gone now. Even if they consciously know its not entirely my fault, their sub-conscious mind is rewriting their impression of me. And if you like to play doctor and is reading this, yes i'm writing to ease my ever insufficient guilt, so feel free to give me reviews and that same prescription that I'm gonna malingering on.

Edit: Para 3, expressions; Para 4, referral

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Speedpost #5: Opera Mini

Testing: yanchao is making a blog post frm his mobile! Opera mini rules!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Movies Review #5: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Movie Buddy: Chun Ing & Ting Zhe

Genre: Fantasy Thiller

Synopsis: Yes... A very long name; but it pretty much summarises the story. Someone stole lightning and Percy Jackson has to get it back. He was a high school student believe to have stolen Zeus's master lightning bolt and when mythical creatures start coming for him, his true identity unveils: the son of Poseidon. He must find the lightning bolt before Zeus's deadline is up to prevent a war between the gods.

Plot 1.5/4: Great concept. The idea of ur-friend-beside-could-be-a-demigod(half god half human) is definitely cool. Camp half blood, where half-gods trained to hone their special skills, is great. Nice bits of humour is placed all around the movie. (like the ipod touch's coolest "app") Then the flaws start to come in once the search begins. (spoilers)

Feel 2.5/4: The movie has pretty good CGI. The monsters look real enough. The sets look good too. But i actually hoped for a battle between a god or 2 but nope, didn't happen. But i went out of the cinema pretty satisfied. And by the way, Maserati rules (after Lamborghini)

Replay Value 1.0/2.0: The fights where quite all right. Pretty much the only thing worth replayed.

Grand total: 5.0/10
Other scores: 4/5 insing.com | 49% Tomatometer

Spoilers: Percy Jackson CONFIRM cannot go OCS. He's accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt and has his mum taken by Hades and all he could think of was going to hell and beg for his mother. The script did not "cut the title" (wen3 bu4 qie2 ti3). More than half the time after leaving Camp Half Blood was spent looking for 3 pearls. Shouldn't there be some investigating somewhere? And the last pearl was in e roulette. And they found the keys to the Maserati!! Never easier. And notice: Percy always gets water. But some parts are quite well woven together, like the ancient coins and Medusa's head.

Final Say: A good break from all the usual fantasy. Not spectacular but still enjoyable.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Movies Review #4: Bodyguards and Assassins

Movie Buddy: SIS (today!!)

Genre: Kung-Fu Thiller

Synopsis: The film transports you back into Hong Kong 1906, when she's still under British rule. Revolutionary Sun Yet Sen is arriving to HK to meet up with 13 rebel factions in order to organise a united effort against the corrupt Qing dynasty. The Qing Imperial Court sends assassins to eliminate him to protect the throne. Li, a rich businessman, played by Wang Xueqi, is unwilling to play a major role in the revolution but is secretly funding it at first. When Chen, played by Tony Leung, the leader of the local resistance and Li's long time friend is captured, he decided take over his leadership role. The movie mainly showcase the unwillingness of Li to aid the cause and the effort put in by the resistance to defend Dr Sun.

Note: the score break down has been revised to 4 for plot, 4 for overall feels (includes acting) and 2 for replay value. Total stays unchaged at 10.

Plot 1.0/4: The movie can be broken down into 2 parts. The first half would be drama about Li struggles on how much should be involved in the revolution. The cliche part. Li finds out his son is taking part in revolutionary activities behind his back and blames Chen, who is his son's tutor. When Chen is captured by Qing agents, Li leads the resistance as suspected. The second half is practically "attack and defend the convoy" where almost all the actions end up. The well placed fight scenes, and a few tactical surprises (though some tactics are ridiculous) from both sides are the few saving graces of the plot. It's common knowledge that Dr Sun survived it, but timely deaths of some unexpected characters is the only thing that squeezes the movie into the thriller genre.

feel 2.5/4: The fight scenes were unexpectedly messy and short. Probably meant to depict the chaos in battle but director Teddy Chen overdone it for some parts, giving the thought of "wadda hell did he juz do ta him?" I didn't really see much strong revolutionary spirit in some of the more crucial main characters like Chen. Dr Sun, our all important principal of the movie appeared for only say... 3 minutes in total? Just enough to show that he was actually planning with the 13 faction representatives and say his famous inspiring words. He lack the Lenin-like persona he deserves as one of the greatest revolutionaries. However, points for Wang for melding into his character, Li, well, showing his insecurities as is participates in the revolutionary activities and the worry for his son.

Replay Value 0.5/2.0: As mentioned the fight scenes aren't that great. The super stellar cast isn't that much of a help either.

Grand total: 4.0/10
Other scores: SC Reviews 2.5/5 (insing.com)

Spoilers: Plot flaws are everywhere. Li obviously will fail his sit-test (test in BMT where one is tested for his leadership skill and tactics to see if he can go OCS). He knew that 3 shops where leased to unknown vendors one day before Dr Sun arrival and he didn't change the route of the convoy and instead asked them to rush through the area. Oh wait, the Qing agents knew about the route too!! Begger Liu, Mr iron fan and the most skillful fighter of the rebels stalls half a platoon size worth of assassins for 15 minutes with 5 mins of fighting. He is pretty insulted by giving him a less than 30secs to get completely pwned by Qing agent leader Quo after artfully clearing the pawns. A very anti-climatic death for a brilliant fighter. Old Mrs. Sun's house only has one face and one entrance (or Quo men don't know how to flank) Quo could throw a bamboo pole through a iron lined rickshaw, miss the passenger (who could be Dr Sun) , killing the rickshaw puller.

Final Say: Another flick which adds on to the list of lousy plot all action Kung-fu movies. Watch as a last resort.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sat for SATs on Sat

If you couldn't get the title by any chance, I took SATs (for US college admissions) last Saturday. If you wanted to know why I took the SATs, I honestly don't really know. Maybe its to substitute my lackluster A'level results or maybe it was just to please my parents.

I wouldn't say i did well for it. Completing a short draft essay in 25 mins isn't as easy as it seems if you were trained to write an 800-word essay in 90mins for the last 2 yrs of your much missed student life. Sadly I'm expecting both my essay dices to roll 4, and I'm lucky, 1 of them might roll a 5 and save me. I couldn't really see how I could squeeze in "strong critical thinking" like my GP essays (which gave me plenty of time and space to do that). The time constant pretty much prevented me form formulating a good plan.

The rest of the writing section should be fine. I trained quite a little for sentence replacement. Maths was quite fine too. But i risk not getting the full 800 due to some thing over looked. My greatest weakness would be from critical reading. I was never really good at compre passages, and I always use my essays to tide me over.

Results are projected to be slightly above 2000. Its definitely not good enough for me. Knowing the fact that I can retake easily probably made felt more at ease than my A's. It unlikely that I'll retake it, I need to find a real good reason to do it.

Meanwhile, priorities will remain to figure out which degree course to go take. (and convince that faculty to accept me)